Trouble Brews In NANS As President Refused To Vacate Office Despite Tenure’s Expiration

Trouble Brews In NANS As President Refused To Vacate Office Despite Tenure’s Expiration

Trouble seems to be brewing in the National Body of the National Association of Nigeria Student as the President, Bamidele Danielson refused to call for a convention where a new executive will be elected, despite expiration of tenure. Remember on the 10th of August 2018, at the end of NANS election, which took place in Abuja, Comrade Danielson Bamidele Akpan was declared the winner of the election after polling a total number of 104 votes out of 272 delegates that participated in the exercise.

Stakeholders in the Student’s movement has declared the act unconstitutional and illegal and urged the president who tenure has expire since two months ago to call for a convention with immediate alacrity.

NANS Constitution otherwise known as Charter of Demand says the tenure of any NANS Government is One Year, the convention that will usher in a new government should be conducted annually, constitution again stated it that “annual” means a year after the previous convention.

The vagrant abuse of this constitutional provision is one of the reasons why people considered NANS as a conglomeration of vagabonds, herd of outcasts, temple of nuisance and an arena of lawlessness. The association is no longer been guided by the constitution that was made by heroes of the struggle in 1982, they rather rely on tradition that encourages impunity and rascality.

Speaking on the development, a former National Officer of NANS Said:
“On the 10th of July, 2018, the unity convention that brought President Bamidele Danielson led government was conducted in Abuja, today is 10th of July 2019, exactly a year, they have not even thought of a commencing a transition process. As at today, no date for pre-convention, no date for convention, yet, some persons believe that it is a tradition in NANS that illegality and unconstitutional dealings should be perpetuated! Yet again, the same set of people want Nigeria to be better. What is wrong is wrong, what is illegal is illegal, in a sane society, what is unconstitutionally done can never be traditionally justified, we should not continue toeing the ignoble path that has earned us a great ignominy and pathetic opprobrium. Nigerian students and Nigeria at large have lost hope in NANS and we cannot continue the macabre dance that has dragged the organization in the mud of mockery over years, as a vocalist of concerned Nigerian Students, we appeal to cadres in NANS to change the tide of history, we cannot continue to place tradition above constitution, it is called impunity, we also appeal to fellow students to stand up and right the wrong, the time is now and we are the generation. Just like President Buhari said some years ago, we should be the carriers of change we want to see, CHANGE BEGINS WITH NANS”.