Students Blast Ui VC for Insensitivity

Students Blast Ui VC for Insensitivity

The Vice Chancellor of the Premier University of Ibadan has come under fire for what the students tagged “insensitivity” after the Former took to his facebook page to recounts his experience of meeting the president of France, Emmanuel Macron few hours after the entire studentry was traumatized by the invasion of armed robbers in the school environ.

Recalling that the VC who is rumored to be grossly anti-student has earlier dismissed the robbery as a mere burglary incident.

An angry students wrote on facebook. “

So despite happenings back at unibadan, our own òjògbón is busy taking selfie with Macron and even splashing the picture on our face …..

Hope our òjògbón ask Macron for help on how to curb insecurity on campus ohhh🙄🙄🙄🙄

One of the worst among them can not be leading unibadan, University of Ibadan deserve someone better