OAU Students To Honour Afrika And Others After 20 Years

OAU Students To Honour Afrika And Others After 20 Years

It is 20 years already!!!, When Neo-Fascists elements of the Black Axe Confraternity sponsored by the then VC, Prof. Wale Omole stormed the Environment of the Obafemi Awolowo University With the aim of terminating the lives of Progressives Student Activists For their Anti Cultism and Anti Oppression Stances and the unholy visit culminates into the death of the then Gen Sec of the Student Union, George Iwilade Afrika, Eviano Ekelemu, Tunde Oke,Wale Ajiteru and Sabo all students of the Institution.

In a Statement released by the Chairman of the Student Action Committee, Dunnex Samuel, He stated the reasons for this year’s commemoration of July 10, 1999 Massacres

20 years after Afrika and Four others were jointly murdered by a systemic conspiracy of cultists, university system, Nigerian Police and Judiciary.

“20 years after George Iwilade ‘Afrika’ was murdered in his prime for fighting for justice, freedom and equality in the university system.

20 years after the exit of the iconic OAU 5.

20 years after and the memory remains fresh!!!

Anticipate July 10!!!”