Arewa Youth Vanguard’s BOT Chairman Withdraw Support for APC and Buhari, States Reasons.

Arewa Youth Vanguard’s BOT Chairman Withdraw Support for APC and Buhari, States Reasons.

Abubakar Ismail Kankara, Board of Trustee Chairman of Arewa Youth Vanguard has in a facebook post withdraw his support for the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) and the incumbent president , Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Below are his reasons for doing so:

Why I dump APC withdraw my support for Buhari

Read with wisdom not hatred.

I was a bonified member of the ruling All progressive Congress ( APC ) and a cure buharist.

I legally join APC because I believe PDP has failed in some extent, I needed to see something different. In respect to that, I joyfully joins other Nigerians in struggle for a better change.

As we all know , APC comes with different song and crowded dancing supporters who believes buhari is a messier and every decampy is a saint.

Nigeria has been govern by greedy leaders since inception of democracy, I don’t want to say all but looking at the higher percentage of those likes, majority will be a point to failure.

All of a sudden, buhari comes with good records while serving as a military personnel even though he throws the first democratic government of late shagari and there was an economic crash for the months he rule but he has no records of corruption of any kinds.

To cut the story short.
I support buhari and APC because I needed the below projects as always promise by buhari and all members of the party.

1-Accurate security
2-Infrastructural and technological development
3- Human capital development
4-Advance economy, Productivity, Reliability and employment
5- Standard education
6- Stable electricity power supply
7- A free corrupt Nation.
8- Agricultural advancement

I believe someone just remember things I did not listed while someone shake heads and beeb a reminder while someone will see it otherwise.
But do not forget to remember my entitled as a human and an adult who has a right to choose and follow a part of any interest.

Out of the above listed, let me shade more lights and highlight some because I know i can’t say it all.

Adquate Security
We are all living witness about the current security challenges, expecially in the northern part of the country. Many have loose thier hard earned money, families where been displaced, many are now homeless, uncountable numbers of children’s are now ophans and no hopes for further or better life. The APC and Buhari lead Administration keep mutes, as he presidents Muhammadu Buhari hardly speaks or sends condolences or condemned such attacked.

I remember vidivly, how Goodluck ebele Johnathan handle Boko – Haram sects during his administration. We all condemned him and point the insecurity straight to his personality. Thou he makes attempt by declaring States of emergency in the most terrorize states, but we fight him and massively voted him out. If that alone can be a reason to hate Goodluck ebele Johnathan then it can purely be a reason for me to withdraw my support for PMB and APC

Infrastructural and technological development
Yesterday was far better than today, judging by the condition of our roads alone not to talk about other things. You may wonder who was clamoring and promising Nigerians good roads and blaming blaming the then government.
There is no any complete projects but I see PMB commissioning uncomplicated projects which is not expected from him also.

free corrupt Nation.
Buhari was clean before now, but after he won the 2015 elections I began to notice something different in him, there was actually nothing but whichunting oppositions directly in the name of fighting corruption.
I have seen series of corrupt cases under his watch in his then carbinet but non of them were prosecutes for any reason, I’ve seen some cases where the EFCC closes cases of corrupt charges to those who decamp to APC bearly close to 2019 elections.
For now that I’ve seen someone who’s been charge and declered currupt by court as a minister didn’t I have reason to withdraw my support?

Standard education
Our schools have turn to jungle for smokers, the structures have been delapidated , teachers and lecturers are hungry over delayed salary. University polytechnic and other taciary institution always on strike.
Billions are wasted and stealing in the name of school feeding , school fees were skyrocket above what an ordinary citizen can afford. Isn’t this a reason also

Stable electricity power supply.
Nigerians have never experienced total blackout until Buhari administration come on board .
The power generation was drastically bad to an extent Nigeria witness zero Megawatt.
I remember a very shameful and disgrace episode where a minister under PMB took to medea and boldly make a claim that Nigerians enjoy 24hrs power supply while 80percent of Nigerians sleeps in dark Despite paying higher bills to the electricity distribution companies or whatever they are called

At a time frame let me drop my pain here but I believe I’ve answered people asking the reason why I quit APC and withdraw my support for PMB. This isn’t all but I choose to say a little.
Thanks for reading

Abubakar ismail Kankara DSL